v0.1.3.3 Uploaded!


  • Knockback is no longer increased on Elder/Predecessor difficulties, meaning Saunius Red behaves as intended.
  • Shamrock Knights no longer cause infighting fiestas
    • This glitch was caused by Knight Shields not counting as Shamrocks, meaning other Shamrocks could hit them - this triggered the knights to aggro.  Essentially, Knights were just extremely overprotective of their shields!
    • Will add proper infighting mechanics as previously described soon
  • Capboy sliding-up-walls glitch fixed
  • Shamrock LOD levels adjusted to keep them from blatantly vanishing
  • Missing hitbox on Chosen One combo added
  • Buggy lights removed from TCO volley attacks


  • Version number added to title screen
  • Several Dialogue Adjustments
    • All Shamrock dialogue adjusted to be more legible
      • Quality of grammar increased, but frequency of "spherefolk synonyms" increased as well
      • Maintains spirit of spherespeak while making it much more accessible and easy to read
      • Still slightly less legible than Spherefriends themselves
    • Friendwoman made less wordy in 1-2
    • TCO's death speech adjusted, made more literate
  • Crouching now drastically reduces drag in the air, along with air control
    • The fluid movement in previous builds was very enjoyable, and crouch-jumping essentially replicates this hyper-fast movement.
  • Capboy now loses air control for approx 1.5s after being hit
    • Air control is initially 0 but smoothly returns


  • Resource unloading added to (hopefully) fix memory leak between scenes
  • Shamrock corpses now destroy themselves when far away and not on screen, keeping them from piling up in memory


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